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Bloody Rose by Nicholas Eames – Book Review

Book Title: Bloody Rose Author: Nicholas Eames Genre: Fantasy Publisher: Orbit Year Published: 2018 The second fantasy novel by Nicholas Eames is, in my opinion, better than his first. Bloody Rose is another story full of adventure and engaging characters. Bloody Rose is set after the events of Kings of The Wyld. However, in this

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Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan – Book Review

Book Title: Promise of Blood Author: Brian McClellan Genre: Flintlock Fantasy Publisher: Orbit Year of Publication: 2013 Promise of Blood is the first book in the Powder Mage trilogy. Inspired by the French Revolution, Promise of Blood is a novel full of violence. The combination of guns and political intrigue makes Promise of Blood an

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Senlin Ascends by Josiah Bancroft – Book Review

Book Title: Senlin Ascends Author: Josiah Bancroft Genre: Steampunk/Fantasy Publisher: Orbit (Originally self-published) Publication Date: 18th February 2013 (Published by Orbit on 16th January 2018) Senlin is happily married to his wife Marya. So, he decides that the Tower of Babel would be a good honeymoon destination. However, Senlin loses Marya near the Tower. Now

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