The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan – Book Review

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GreatHuntCoverBook Title: The Great Hunt

Author: Robert Jordan

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Orbit

Released: 15 November 1990



The Great Hunt is a good book, which helps build on the plot points revealed in the first Wheel of Time book. However, the book is sometimes bogged down by too much unnecessary description.

The stakes are raised when Rand, Mat and Perrin, must go on a quest to take back the Horn of Valere. Much of the book involves the three main heroes, with help from the Shienarens, to track down the darkfriends who stole the horn.

Meanwhile, Egwene and Nynaeve travel to Tar Valon to be trained to become Aes Sedai. In my opinion, Robert Jordan has laid the foundations to focus more on Egwene and Nyanaeve in the books to come. I will have to see how important these characters become, as I continue to read the series.

Like most good fantasy stories, The Great Hunt is very creative. Rand enters a parallel world, and there is an invasion from across the sea. There were times where I could not put the book down because a lot of stuff does happen in this book.

Robert Jordan does a good job at adding more detail about the world of Wheel of Time. The magic system is explored in more detail, and the history of the world is explored further. A fully realised world added to my experience of being immersed in the world of Wheel of Time.

Robert Jordan also covers many real-world issues in The Great Hunt, including slavery, politics, and religion. I believe he addresses these themes well; especially in describing how the Children of Light, a militant holy order, considers the Aes Sedai to be witches, who are in league with darkfriends.

My main gripe with this book was Robert Jordan’s obsession with clothes. Too many sentences were dedicated to describing clothing worn by female characters, and sometimes male characters. Description of details is essential to the fantasy genre, but, in my opinion, too much description can ruin the pacing of the story. As a reader, I want to be hooked into a story, not to read a mini-essay describing Egwene’s dress or Rand’s regal attire.

To summarise, The Great Hunt is an excellent sequel to The Eye of The World. More details are given about the political situation in the world and the world’s history. The characters undergo development, as they must face their new reality. All in all a good book, but sometimes bogged down by too many sentences describing the attire of the male and female characters.


Rating: 4/5 Stars






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