Princess of Blood (Book Two of the God Fragments) by Tom Lloyd – Book Review

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Book Title: Princess of Blood

Author: Tom Lloyd

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Gollancz

Format: Hardback/E-book

Release Date: 27 July 2017


Princess of Blood is a brilliant follow-up to Stranger of Tempest. The interaction between the characters is funny and realistic. Lynx is as impatient as ever, and Anatin is as grumpy, and bossy as ever. Moreover, Toil’s growing influence over the Mercenary Deck creates interesting implications for the relations within the group. Princess of Blood sees the Mercenary Deck undertake another contract, which appears simple at first. The job gets more complicated when an invading army arrives.

I do like Tom Lloyd’s use of characterisation, in using characters who have questionable morality. For example, Lynx is a gun for hire, like many of the mercenaries, who wants to earn a living. The world in the God Fragments series is a world plagued by war and competition, between militant religious orders.The members of the Mercenary Deck love their liberty to choose their clients and to drink as much as they want.

Their next job takes them to Jarrazir, a city where drinking alcohol is prohibited. The lack of alcohol is not good for a group of mercenaries with short tempers. Additionally, I enjoyed reading the dialogue between the mercenaries. The chemistry between the characters makes the fantasy world feel more real.

The location of the next job just happens to have an underground labyrinth, which does play a part in this story. Toil does not fear the dark anymore, plus the Mercenary Deck also has their own night mage. However, with the memories of Shadows Deep still fresh, most of the mercenaries do not relish going deep underground again. Princess of Blood surprised me because a sequel to a great first book is hard to execute effectively.

One also feels that there is an important political subplot, involving the holy orders is slowly becoming more important. The next book in the series should hopefully shed more light on the link between the god fragments and magic. Moreover, the hint of an underlying plotline helps build up my anticipation for the next book.

Princess of Blood is a fun and fast read. Tom Lloyd tells an entertaining story full of action. Also, there are many laughs along the way, which helps make the reading experience more enjoyable. Like the first book, Princess of Blood jumps between the past and the present, but the unorthodox structure helps pace the action better. Transitions between chapters were seamless. Princess of Blood is like the fantasy version of Indiana Jones; full of puzzles and plenty of comical dialogue.


Rating: 4.5/5 Stars


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