Month: August 2017

Princess of Blood (Book Two of the God Fragments) by Tom Lloyd – Book Review

Book Title: Princess of Blood Author: Tom Lloyd Genre:¬†Fantasy Publisher: Gollancz Format: Hardback/E-book Release Date: 27 July 2017   Princess of Blood is a brilliant follow-up to Stranger of Tempest. The interaction between the characters is funny and realistic. Lynx is as impatient as ever, and Anatin is as grumpy, and bossy as ever. Moreover,

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Is Fantasy Mainstream Now?

It does not seem long ago that readers of fantasy were mocked, for not reading real literature. Fantasy is supposedly all about elves, orcs, and dragons, and not to be considered proper for adults to read. However, today Game of Thrones is one of the most talked about television shows, and the Harry Potter fandom

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Goldenhand by Garth Nix – Book Review

Title: Goldenhand Author: Garth Nix Publisher: Hot Key Books Format: Hardback Released: 4th October 2016     Goldenhand helps to expand further on the original trilogy. All is relatively quiet since the events of Abhorsen. Sabriel and Touchstone take a well-earned holiday, and Abhorsen-in-waiting Lirael is left in charge to deal with any free magic

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