A Song of Ice and Fire Re-read

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I am speeding through Games of Thrones and my love for that world is re-ignited. I now plan to re-read all of the Song of Ice and Fire books this year. I am currently re-reading A Clash of Kings and the storytelling is just fantastic. The characters are well fleshed out and the plot twists keep me as the reader guessing all the time. Tyrion is my favourite character in this book because George R.R. Martin is very good at writing a character to be clever and sly at the same time. Tyrion Lannister knows how to play the game of thrones and he enjoys it a lot. Every decision Tyrion makes is calculated to strengthen his position as acting Hand to the King. Moreover, it is surprisingly humorous that Tyrion’s right hand man, Bronn, is a sell-sword who is only loyal to Tyrion because he is well paid.

Although I like the action sequences, I do prefer reading the chapters that focus on court intrigue. Petyr Baelish and Varys are both interesting players on the small council at King’s Landing, because they utilise a wide network of spies and use money to buy the loyalty of influential knights and merchants. Nobody seems to fully trust Varys, and Varys seem to trust very few in King’s Landing. The friendship that forms between Varys and Tyrion provides an interesting plot point in the wider scheme of things. Tyrion comes from a rich family, but is shunned because he is a dwarf and Varys in a man of lower birth who has worked he way up to become the master of whisperers. Both characters do not have Cersei Lannister’s full trust, so the friendship serves partly as an alliance to keep both Varys and Tyrion in positions of power and to keep themselves alive. In the Song of Ice and Fire series, court politics is the dominant theme as the decisions of the high lords have an effect on wider events like the war between the Starks and the Lannisters.

The other reason why I am determined to re-read the Song of Ice and Fire series is because I am growing a little impatient waiting for the Winds of Winter to be published. Re-reading the series will be an awesome experience and pump me up in anticipation for the release of the Winds of Winter, hopefully this year. A compelling story deserves an ending and there are many great theories currently circulating the web to have the series will end. Knowing how George R.R. Martin likes to kill off key characters suggests that there could be another big twist in the offering before the series concludes with A Dream of Summer. The threat of the invasion of the White Walkers does suggest a big battle where many people will die. Furthermore, the fate of the remaining Starks could be key to how this epic fantasy series comes to its conclusion. Game of Thrones as a TV series is drawing close to its final two seasons, but the book is arguably bigger and better on the scale of the narrative of the story. As a fan of both the books and the TV series I will be interested to see how both endings compare with each other. Also, one hopes to see more fantasy novels adapted successfully for television on the same scale as Game of Thrones.


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