Strange Medicine by Mike Russell – Book Review

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STRANGEMEDICINEStrange Medicine by Mike Russell

Published by Strange Books, 2016

Format: e-book

ISBN: 10:1522945385

Available on Amazon

Honest review given in exchange for book


An interesting and strange collection of short stories. As a reader I love it when a book tries to be inventive when telling a story. Strange Medicine is like a collection of strange lucid dreams which never quite make complete sense. However, beneath the magic realism and metaphor there are some deep philosophical moments in each short story. The stories feel like they are trying to deal with human emotion or lack of emotion. The story called Mime is interesting as it challenges the concept of reality and how human senses can play tricks on the mind.


My favourite story was Brain, because it cleverly explores the issue of the rational mind and why imagination is important. Moreover, for me the story also explores the importance of empathy. The Professor of a science institute orders his staff around in a way that gives the appearance that he does not care about anyone but himself. Fame has gone to the Professor’s head to the extent that he treats his childhood as a joke.


The stories are well written, different and very imaginative. The collection has a few weak stories. The main one being Mr Dennis and the Universe, which I did not quite get the whole meaning of the story. Moreover, I feel that there was something missing in that story. Strange Medicine is definitely a short story collection worth checking out if you are look for something strange and original to read.


Rating 4/5 Stars




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