Abhorsen by Garth Nix – Book Review

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gnabhosenThe third book in the Old Kingdom series, is an epic journey of death and adventure. Lirael and Sameth have to stop the destroyer from being unbound, or the free magic entity will destroy the world. The quest is not simple as the destroyer being aided by a necromancer, who can raise an army of the dead. The stakes are high in this epic fantasy novel.


I really enjoyed this book. Fantasy is very much my go to genre to read, and Abhorsen exceeded my expectations. The story was so compelling that I did not want it to end. There is plenty of magic, quests and great world building as the story progresses. If you enjoy YA fantasy, then this book is a must read.

My only criticism of this book is that the plot did not surprise me enough. I knew that the main characters would pull through in the end and were never in mortal danger. Hedge was a powerful adversary, but one felt that his heart was never in it. Moreover, one would have felt that a powerful necromancer would have proved to be a serious challenge. Although, I still enjoyed the plot and direction of the story overall.


Like the first two books in the series, I like the chemistry between the characters. Mogget, a being of free magic in the form of a cat, makes lots of funny sarcastic comments and tries to appear unhelpful, although he is bound to serve the current Abhorsen. Lirael and Sam’s relationship is slightly changed, due to a bombshell dropped in the last book. However, Lirael accepts her new destiny with confidence, now knowing that she will never obtain the sight to see into the future.


Abhorsen has a nice fast moving plot. Also, the magic system is clever and well thought out. Moreover, Abhorsen is a great book to escape into and go on adventures in your own mind.


Rating: 4/5 Stars




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