The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern – Discussion

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51nln7yvmnl-_sy344_bo1204203200_I have recently finished reading the Night Circus, for the third time and so I have decided to share my thoughts about this delightful book. The Night Circus is a book about a circus that only opens at night. This circus is not your traditional circus, because it is the venue for two magicians to compete against each other. The feats of magic performed by Celia and Marco, allows the story to twist into a dream like romance story, which has a tragic ending.


The dream like quality of the Night Circus is characterised by the way the novel jumps forwards and backwards in time. The action of the novel shifts between characters who are part of the circus and characters who are visitors. The shifting viewpoint, in my opinion, makes it easier to appreciate the spectacle of the novel as the circus represents a stage where magic and dreams become reality. Every smell and flavour of the food and drink is described. I can feel the happy atmosphere in the circus, and I imagine myself there watching Celia perform her magic show.


One thing that I have noticed about this book, is that most of the main characters are obsessed with reading. Marco read a lot of books whilst studying to be a magician. Celia reads when she is not preforming at the circus. The tarot card reader, Isobel is a book lover and so is Bailey, a teenage boy who falls in love with the circus. Books are kind of like a real life version of magic, because they transport you to other worlds. I as the reader is invited to the night circus. The Night Circus is a clever novel because it is heavily focused on character development, but also aims to create a magical setting. The circus performers are the players and the circus is the stage.


The Shakespeare references are easy to pick out and are proof of how dramatic the Night Circus is. Moreover, the Night Circus is a fairy tale, which questions are most common modern moral questions. Are people in control of our lives or are we pieces in a pre-planned board game, with the world as a stage.


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