Update, books I have bought and other random musings

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I have not been blogging a lot recently about the books I have been reading, because I have been busy with other things and was ill with a horrible cold in February. Next month I intend to post more often on this blog. I aim to review a lot of the unread books that I am planning to read.


Recently I have bought a lot of books once again, so my TBR pile is now even larger. I will be doing a separate post going through in detail what books I have bought. However, my recent purchases fully reflect my desire to expand my reading more. I have bought fantasy, YA supernatural fantasy and a historical novel that I got for free as it was World Book Night on the 23rd of April.


The book I had to read for book club this week was the Martian by Any Weir. I really liked it. I felt that it was a book that mixes science and humour really well. The main charachter, Mark Watney is very witty in the way he worded his logs on his daily tasks in his bid to survive on Mars. After finishing The Martian, I then watched the movie, which I felt was really good but I preferred the book.


Book reviews and other book related blog posts will be coming really soon.


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