The importance of good bookshops

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Reading books is my main passion, my room is full of books and my second home is effectively bookshops. Bookshops for me are places for bookworms to go to browse books, and enjoy being surrounded by lots of books. The main purpose of bookshops is to provide place to buy books, but they are also great places to discover new authors to read.


I live in Coventry in the UK and although Coventry has very few bookshops there are some gems in the general area. In Coventry city centre there is Waterstones, The Big Comfy Bookshop and the Oxfam bookshop. However, near Bedworth there is the biggest independent second-hand bookshop in the Midlands, Astley Book Farm. Astley Book Farm is in my opinion every book lover’s dream, a farm house full of books and a café to enjoy a nice cuppa and of course cake.


Recently I bought a book in a bookshop without really knowing what to expect. The cover grabbed me and the blurb at the back made me buy it. The book in question is called The Burrower by Rebecca Makkai, which is a book about the power of reading and the journey of childhood. The book was a delight to read. My heart was warmed by the pure emotion of the story. Without bookshops I may never have discovered this book.


Buying books on the internet is convenient, even I sometimes buy books online, but I do believe that us as readers should also support our local bookshops. Booksellers need people to buy books to make a living, so if you pass an independent bookshop and have some money, why not buy a book.

Bookshops mentioned:

Big Comfy Bookshop –

Astley Book Farm –


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