The Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson – Book Review

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the-alloy-of-law-by-brandon-sanderson-ukThree hundred years have passed since the epic events that occurred in The Hero of Ages. The names of Vin, Sazed and Kelsier, are now things of legend.


The world of Scradrial has become industrial, with technology paving the way for a new future. Allomancy still exists in a novel which blends fantasy with steampunk.


I enjoy reading this epic book. The Alloy of Law sets the scene for future Mistborn books in a more industrial setting. The two Twinborns, Wax and Wayne, make excellent new characters with plenty of humour. Wax being the law keeper who thinks like a criminal, and Wayne who is able to effectively become another person to trick people into giving away information.


I find it refreshing to read an author who has created an inventive magic system based on metals. I think that the magic system fits in well with a more industrial setting. The world building is excellent, and I am so glad that Brandon Sanderson decided to continue with the Mistborn series.


The Alloy of Law, like previous Mistborn novels, is full of action that is fast paced and entertaining to read. However, being the shortest Mistborn novel, I felt the story’s finale was strong, though yet to hit the heights of the end of the first trilogy of Mistborn novels.


The Alloy of Law is a good fantasy novel, though I do recommend reading the original Mistborn trilogy first. The main characters have great potential for further character development in future books. The book is action-packed and very witty.


Rating: 4/5 Stars


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