Our Love Affair With Books

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The act of sitting down with a hot beverage, to sit back and read a book is still a popular hobby, even in the digital age. Speaking as a reader of books, one could describe the interest in books as a love affair.


“I would rather be a poor man in a garret with plenty of books than a king who did not love reading.” – Thomas Macaulay


The love affair with books can best be described as a loyal relationship. Once you have bought or borrowed a book, one has complete access to the contents of that book. Personally I enjoy reading to enter imaginary worlds, but also to gain more knowledge. The quote above this paragraph puts into perspective the value of books, which is priceless.


Reading books is a hobby I recommend to everyone, especially if you are struggling with stress or like me, anxiety. I find that reading grounds me and helps me to relax and quiet my mind for a period of time.


Reading also opens minds and recent studies suggests that reading books for pleasure has a positive effect on our mental health. I would also argue that books lead to enlightenment. Intelligent debate is far more interesting than being effectively spoon fed information by the media, 1984 a reality?


On a more cheerful note books are still accessible in most affluent countries, just ignore the haters and start reading books, or even listen to an audio book.


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