Doctor Who: Series 9 – Episode One: The Magician’s Apprentice

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Doctor Who is back with a bang as the Doctor encounters a young Davros and he is left in a horrible dilemma to rescue him or let the boy die so he cannot in the future create the Daleks. It is unclear what actually happens, but the present Davros is dying and sends a snake like alien to find the Doctor.

This episode was a strong opening to the series. It also was good to see Missy (The Master) back again causing havoc and wanting to help the Doctor. Clara was overshadowed by the presence of Missy, which enabled the Doctor to take centre stage, facing the demons of his past.

Next weeks episode should be interesting as we should learn about Davros’s true intentions for summoning the Doctor, doe he want the Doctor to go back in time and kill Davros at the Hand Mine to prevent the Daleks being created. The Doctor has always been a man determined to save people, will he resist Davros’s efforts to turn the Doctor into a killer.

Having the Doctor play an electric guitar on a tank in Medieval England worked, because it was Doctor Who and randomness just works. The first part of this Davros/Dalek story line may be setting the tone for a very traditional Doctor Who series, where light and dark plot elements are used to tell an interesting story.

My only criticism of this first episode is that it went to fast. When the episode ended, I could not believe it and now I have to wait a half week to find out what happens. I approve of Steven Moffat’s decision to have more two part episodes as it enables the story to be fleshed out fully rather than being  squeezed into 45 minutes.

The Magician’s Apprentice is a stronger opening than the first episode of the previous series as Peter Capaldi gets a lot more screen time as the Doctor. Moreover, Missy appearing again suggests there may be more episodes this series relating to the Time Lords.

Rating : 4.5/5


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