Misery by Stephen King – Book Review

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Stephen_King_Misery_coverMisery by Stephen King

Published by New English Library in 1988

Pages: 369

Format: Paperback

Misery is yet again another thrilling tale by the modern master of horror novels Stephen King. Paul Sheldon a bestselling writer has crashed his car and woken up inside the house of his biggest fan. Annie Wilkes is obsessed about the Misery novels written by Paul Sheldon and pleased to be the one to rescue him. However, things become more sinister when she finds out that Misery is killed off in the latest novel.

Paul now has to write a sequel bringing Misery back to life or he will face horrible repercussions. Annie Wilkes comes across as sinister and dangerous.

This novel has excellent character building as Stephen King describes in detail the thoughts buzzing in Paul Sheldon’s head. Paul is writing in fear of his life and addicted to drugs administered by Annie, who we learn was a nurse. The majority of the novel only focuses on the two main characters, Paul and Annie.

Misery is a thrilling read as you are made to fear what Annie Wilkes might do to Paul Sheldon but all facts about Annie’s sinister past are not revealed straightaway. The suspense built in this book made me want to finish within at least a week so it is definitely a page turner like most of Stephen King’s other books.

I can find very few things wrong with Misery, except maybe the first chapter, as it took me time to become addicted to the book. Beyond chapter two, I was hooked. It was also interesting to read about how a mind of a writer works. Stephen King put a lot of himself into the main character which helps make Paul Sheldon and the book as a whole more authentic. It is not always easy writing about a character and putting him or her in a position that the author has no knowledge of. Stephen King is a bestselling author, so slipping into the mind of Paul Sheldon would have been easier, though possibly terrifying as well.

To summarize, Stephen King’s Misery is a thrilling book and succeeds in slowly building a story about writing and trying to resist the tyranny of a mentally unstable fan who would not hesitate is hurting people to get her way. The character of Paul Sheldon is believable as he is a bestselling author like Stephen King. The character of Annie Wilkes is well written and certainly scary to read at times. I recommend this book to anyone, if people who do not enjoy reading horror. I am not a big fan of some horror movies because I once made the mistake of watching part of one alone in the dark. However, I have watched Insidious and I was not scared at all.

Rating: 5/5 stars


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